How to Make your Own Face Mask

There’s a huge need of masks. A lot of people state that masks don’t help, They do as long its not single layered masks. Anything can get through a single layer mask. I’ve looked up various Mask Patterns and ones I found at is awesome. I’ve added customization to it where the mask can be a 3 or 4 layer mask. The pocket, 3rd Layer, is where you can add a filtered mask, 4th layer, or one of the antibacterial facial tissues you can get at the store.

I have an autoimmune disease, most of the time when I get the cold, I end up in the hospital or urgent care because I’m not able to breathe. There’s people out there with by far worst situations and a mask can help. It can also help those with anxiety. If you have older and little ones, you can make these for them. Of course these can be adjusted, you can sew the elastic however you want.

I’m no medical professional, I’m not claiming that Mask will prevent you entirely from contracting the virus, Please do follow directions from the CDC. I just want to help. If you’re not able to sew, I can make one for you for $10 (within the US, please message me for international). The price covers shipping and materials. I don’t want to profit from making mask, I’m here to help. Purchase a Mask here by Clicking here

A lot of you don’t have access to an overlock/serger or a industrial sewing machine, so I’ve brought out one of my Brother home Sewing Machines where you can use the zig zag stitch as a way to prevent cotton not to unravel.

Step One: Get your Pattern from theres also options to make child versions I’m not sponsored by any of these sites.

Mask Pockets
Pocket Pattern for Adult to go with Pattern on State Label site Click to View

So with this tutorial, I used the pattern from . You’ll need the pattern on that site along with the pattern to make the “Pocket” bellow. I basically cut the Mask in half (horizontal) and added one inch to both sides. To Download the pattern bellow please click here. When printing the pattern, make sure you select “Actual Size”

With this mask, I used a basic home sewing machine that has a zig zag stich, cotton, and whatever I can use to tie/secure the mask to your face.




NEW Update: So I drafted a pattern for the Child with the pocket flaps. You can download by clicking the image bellow . When printing the pattern, make sure you select “Actual Size”

Child Face Mask Pattern Click to view

What you’ll need:
-8″ x 12″ of Fabric
-16″ x 12″ of Lining
-Elastic Cord, ribbon, Shoelace, somthing that can secure the mask to face.

Tips and Ideas: Ways to secure mask to your face, you can use XL Hair Ties. They’re practically the perfect length.

XL Hair Ties
This Nylon hair tie is more softer, Perfect for making mask for kids- Got this at Walgreens
XL Hair Tie – Got this at Walgreens

Step One, Cut the lining and the Fabric and Pockets in cotton fabric.

Fabric for the Front
Lining for Mask and pockets
All the pieces cut

Step Two: Sew the lining, front and pockets together.

I’ve added a video for you to see how I sewed pieces with a home sewing machine. I tried my best to show you all steps.

Step Three: Pin in place

Pin in place

Step Four: Sew 1/4 inch seam allowance on the top and bottom. Do not sew the sides yet.

Sewn 1/4 on top and 1/4″ on bottom

Step Five and Six: Pull inside out, Position pocket flaps however you like, I prefer the top overlapping the bottom, Add a zig Zag stitch on both sides on the mask to prevent fraying

Position the top flap overlapping the bottom
Front Side

Step Seven and Eight: Iron out the mask, to have a crisp look and Create the Loop, you can sew the loop while having the elastic inside your sew the loop with you can thread the elastic band, or whatever you want to use to secure the mask to your face.

Edge Folded in Flap
Front Side

Step Nine: Once you thread the Elastic band or whatever you’re using to secure the mask to your face, You can add the filter inside, this example I used a antiviral tissue

Add a Hepa Filter, Anti Viral Tissue etc.


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