About me

About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Rizzo Michelle. I love to create cute monsters, mythical creatures for adults and little ones. I’m based in Fallbrook, CA where each of my items is lovingly hand and machine sewn created. I always aim to make my designs bring a smile to your face!

Long story short, I started out creating clothing since I was young. I came up with the name The PinUp Chronicles and started to use it professionally after my son was born. For years I’ve made cute rockabilly clothing and accessories. It was fun for a while but art has always been my first love.

Being a fan of  Japanese Kawaii and horror art, I decided to create my own line of cute (kawaii) illustrations and plushies. With the help of my son, we created the Whalasaur a cute prehistoric whale. I debuted my plush line and illustrations at the 2014 New York Comic Con and sold out.

I’ve had plans in the past to debut a purse line for years. So I decided to just go for it in 2019 and I’m honestly amazed by the support and feedback that I’ve got. All bags are handmade by Me. I know I can get some of my designed mass produced but I honestly love to make them by hand, it just makes me happy to see the end result as well as hearing back from customers.

Many customers often tell me that they’ve fallen in love with my work. I’m beyond grateful of the positive reviews I’ve received.  I believe the imagination and the cuteness of my work makes people smile.

How Are My Plushies  Made?

By hand and machine sewn of course!!  My mission is to make honest, as well as safe, quality products. All of my plushies designed and handmade by me. I know I can source out production and pay a company to mass produce my plushies, but I enjoy making them on my own.

I start off making sketches, majority of them are doodles. Majority of my doodles are on post it notes, napkins etc. If I feel that one of my doodles are plush worthy, I start drafting out sewing patterns, and pick out fabric colors. Very simple process.

Will You Go back to making Clothing?

Of course! Hopefully in the near future. For now, I’m focusing on my purse line and plushies.

What do you sew with?

Juki and Brother Sewing Machines.  I’m not sponsored by them, but I’m welcome for it in the future.

When is the next show you’ll be vending at?

Be sure to check out my Event calendar the list of shows that I’ll be vending at. If you know of a show that my Items would be a good fit, please send me a message through my contact me page.