Please be aware Safety is your responsibility

Parts and materials used to compose at Rizzo Michelle meet or exceed safety regulations however, once dismantled, they’ll be small enough to pose as a choking hazard for children and pets Never allow a child handle or sleep with an item from Rizzo Michelle that has come apart

Product uses is your responsibility

  • Items from Rizzo Michelle can bring a lot of joy if maintained properly and enjoyed responsibly. We will not be liable for any misuse of these products.
  • This product is made by hand and can tear if handled roughly.
  • Use your own judgement whether the product is appropriate for the intended use and audience. Only you can determine if these products are inappropriate for your pets, children and other people.


Use of this product is at your own risk. Rizzo Michelle disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense. It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities with this product comply with our safety directions, applicable laws, notwithstanding copyright.

Welcome to my webstore! Hopefully you will find the answer to some of your questions here. Enjoy your stay and visit again soon!


Ordering is Quick and Easy

My online shop is quick and easy-to-use. Simply add goodies to your shopping cart and follow the instructions presented during the checkout process.

Please keep in mind that the color of my items may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. Also, since my plushies hand-finished by myself,  there may be slight variation in the appearance. All part of the charm!

Shipping times?

At the moment, all orders are subject to a 7-8 week turn around time. I try my best to ship out non purse orders sooner than that. 

Pre Sale Ordering on Purses

When will you hold a pre sale for (fill in the Blank)?

  • Pre Sales on designs varies by month. I try my best to rotate pre sales as well a debut new designs monthly.  I make my Pre Sale announcements on Instagram so If you want to know when the next pre sale is or what design will be next follow me on Instagram.

Can you Rush out my Order?

  • Please keep in mind that every presale is made by hand by one person, myself. This is not Amazon, there's no warehouse, no manufacture team, just myself.  I don't rush out orders, sorry, not going to happen so don't ask. Your birthday, your anniversary is NOT a reasoning that I should rush out your order before orders. Within the listing on my website and Instagram, I post the estimated ship date. Typically my turn around time is 7-8 weeks 

Why do you have limited stock?

  • I keep Pre Sale slots to a minimum so that I don't overwhelm myself and processes orders in a timely manner. Typically my turn around time is 30 days so I try to to avoid shipment delays.
Can you Hold a slot for me, do you do layaway?
  • Sorry, when I started making bags, I did a nice favor for a customer. I saw no problem, she expressed she really loved my bags but it turned out to be a nightmare. Unruly emails Daily for status  although I stated when bags will be shipped out. Worst experience ever! It really sucks that I did a awesome favor, I think it was, for someone only to backfire with the most horrible experience ever. Never going to do it again. 

Can I change my Backpack to Crossbody?

  • If possible, yes. Please send me a message along with your order number. Please do this as soon as possible. If you wait, most likely it will not happen.
Are your Designs limited?
  • Yes, my designs are limited. Once I reach a certain amount, the purses will be retired.

Delivery and Returns

I deliver my items worldwide and I also accept returns within 30 days of placing the order within the US. Please go to shipping and returns to find out more.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Is it safe to shop with you online?

Yes! Your details are SSL encrypted during the shopping checkout process.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes! If you would like your item gift wrapped please send me a message through my Contact Me page along with your Name, order number or PayPal transaction ID number.

My order is a gift, can I add a message/ card?

Yes! If you would like to send a message with your order please send a message of what you like to be written through my Contact Me page along with your Name, order number or PayPal transaction ID number.  We will copy your note exactly as written!

My order is a gift, can you leave out the invoice/ put in a gift invoice?

Yes! If you would like us to remove the invoice or print a gift invoice please send a message of what you like to be written through my Contact Me page along with your Name, order number or PayPal transaction ID number.

Can I wash my Plushie?

Photo shows you where the Product Description tab is located. This tab will have some helpful information.

Yes you can! I’ve had many of my customers machine wash my plushies. Machine wash with cold water  with similar colors and air dry. They will be good as new!

Are your products safe for babies and children?

I’ve noted on all of my product pages of the suitable age the item is intended for. You can find this information under the Product Description tab

Can I purchase in person, Do you have a Store?

I don’t have a physical store, hopefully in the future, but I do vend at various ComicCon and Fan conventions, please view my Events page to see the list of conventions that I’ll be vending at.

Still have questions? No problem, Just send me a message through my Contact Me page!